An image of Khaleesi, a black cat who models for Gothic & Enchanted

Gothic & Enchanted’s cat ‘Khaleesi’ modeling one of her headpieces for Cat Cosplay.

If you’re into the Gothic side of life and you’re on Facebook, you’ve most likely come across a page called Gothic & Enchanted, if not, well you’re in for a treat!

If you’re on the lookout for Gothic jewellery, clothing and accessories this this is a great place to find links to pages and businesses where you can find beautiful, bespoke wares that aren’t part of the major label trend.

The page also shares photos to inspire you, memes to make you laugh and the occasional makeup tutorial to give you ideas.

Gothic & Enchanted provides a great community space to chat, discuss ideas and come together. It’s nice to find a well curated collection with a great atmosphere that’s open and welcoming.

If you’re a cat person, the page also shares regular photos of ‘Cat Cosplay’ where Khaleesi the black cat models costumes and head-wear just like the image above.

The page is a great place to get your Gothic business shared to a large community (at the time of writing the page has 763K followers!) which means your creations, photography etc can reach a good number of folks who might be looking for what you have to offer!

The page is linked below so why not head over and give them some love?

You can find the Gothic & Enchanted Facebook page at: